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Awesome! I usually try to steer clear from dentists and dental treatment. Having experienced dental care from various dentists, I walked into Dr.Shukla's clinic with a pre-conditioned mind. Much to my surprise, I came away enjoying a rewarding experience from highly skilled and qualified professionals. My personal experiences here have made me love this place. Letting go of all apprehensions, I enjoy the welcoming, meticulous, client-focused customized care provided by extremely competent professionals. Staff patiently dealt with my stiff resistance and anxiety to x-rays, put me completely at ease - I'm amazed! Even my son walks in and out fearlessly with a cheery smile. Always warm, friendly and accommodating, this clinic is equipped with top notch equipment to provide complete dental care for all. If you’re looking for positive/total dental solutions at an affordable cost, by top professionals in a clean, comfortable setting, Applewood Dentistry is the place for you. Believe me, you'll keep smiling all the way! Highly recommended!
Sudha S.

My experience at Applewood Village Dentistry is always a good one. Iv been to many other dentistries over the year but this one is by far the best i have been a client at. The environment is warm and welcoming, the employees are kind and always have a smile on their face. i strongly recommend this dentistry and have nothing but good things to say about it.
Gergana Nankova

It was at least a few years since seeing a Dentist so I thought I would do some research first. These reviews lead me to to visit Applewood Village Dentistry. The dentist is extremely informative and entertaining. I had some fillings done and it was quick and the results were phenomenal. Their equipment is impressive, their service is excellent and the results will keep me coming back. I will have no problem visiting regularly!!
Eric N

We visited the dentistry this summer and were pleasantly surprised by the welcoming decor - very family and kid friendly place. The treatment itself was flawless and very professionally managed with every detail of our visit digitally recorded,from entering us first-timers into their system to getting the initial checkup and then the actual treatment.Both the doctors, Dr.Sherin and Dr.Vipul Shukla made sure we were at ease, this being my first visit to a dentist in 35 years of my life! I requested a tour of the premises and was met with a very state-of-the-art facility, with the latest equipment at work. As for my kid, the huge salt-water aquarium itself was enough to distract him to get the needed treatment.Overall, I highly recommend the practice and with the facility!
Gunjan Sahay

Excellent service and care! The staff is very friendly and welcoming and always makes my experience to dentist an enjoyable one. The office is beautifully designed and I am very impressed with the up to date technology offered. I was able to watch television during my cleaning, have all my x-rays thoroughly explained to me and was very comfortable asking questions. I would HIGHLY recommend this office to new patients and anyone looking for a new dentist!!!
Vanessa Salerno

Excellent dental care in a modern and well designed office. The whole experience was pleasant. Dr. Shukla does painless root canals. My kids love the saltwater aquarium, and especially Nemo! The staff was very pleasant and courteous too. We are very satisfied, and highly recommend this office.
Satish Garg

I was very pleased with my visit to Applewood Village Dentistry. The entire staff is very friendly, efficient and courteous. They really help making going to the dentist a more bearable task. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new dentist.
Leah Burger

I don't write reviews unless i really love the place/service or really hate it ! Haahaa ! In this case, truly loved it ! I went in for some fillings and a cleaning and it was the smoothest, quickest, most painless dental experience i've had. Since then I wouldn't look elsewhere for my dental needs. Both Drs. Vipul and Sherin are warm and approachable and more than perfect at their jobs! They are very patient and take the time to answer questions unlike some other doctors I have visited who are ready to rush you out of the door. Also, they run a state of the art clinic ,with the latest equipments and X-ray facilities. My experience there truly rid me of my fear of dentistry. It also helps that the office is always sparkly clean , with beautiful paintings and an awesome aquarium, and a staff thats so friendly! Definitely recommend them !
archana nakar

Simply the best dentists around !
Wallace Gouk

This is the place to go to get that "PERFECT SMILE". The staff is extremely friendly and I get a warm reception at every visit. I love the TV!...Helps ease the nerves. My cleaning was quick and painless. Dr. Shukla made me feel comfortable and put me at ease. With new technology he is able to take you step by step and educate you about dental hygiene. I highly recommend this office to anyone!
A Google User

I went in to see Dr. Shukla for the first time yesterday and was so surprised at the wonderful and comfortable experience I had. The dentist and staff were very informative and courteous to my needs. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for a dentist to definitely check this high tech office out!!!
A Google User

Great dentist, great up to date facility, great staff. I would recommend this office to anyone looking for a new dentist. Parking was close to the office and free! I was also able to watch TV during my cleaning, perfect when your not the fondest of having it done to begin with. Overall really easy, comfortable experience.
A Google User

Jigar - 20/04/2011 Very knowledgeble Dentist,One of my friend recommended him. He has state of the art facility with latest digital X-ray ( 90% less radiation than conventional X-ray). Also we can see our tooth before n after treatment with live Camera.Very nice n friendly staff, I have visited Three dentist but this is the best dentist i have found.My wife has Tooth infection b'coz of the root canal failure done by another detist.he has done tooth implant on her n it looks like the original tooth. i'll highly recommended Dr. shukla for tooth implant.
A Google User

This office was recommended by family member and I was really pleased with my experience. My cleaning was comfortable and the dentist was really friendly. I learned a lot about my mouth that I was not aware of before through photos I was able to see of inside my mouth. All of the technology in the office is very new and it was very clean. I would pass along the recommendation to family and friends for sure.
A Google User

ihad some gum treatment. I was very afraid to get it because I have sensitive teeth but Dr.Shukla'a state-of-the-art dentistry was pain-free. His assisstant also had a gentle approach. I recommend this office.
A Google User

Had a complicated root canal done with ease and no pain. Operation is first class across the board. Highly recommend it to anyone.
A Google User

Dr. Vipul Shukla was great! My son told me that he almost fell asleep during the root canal procedure. His teeth have had a lot of dental work for many years with two sets of braces. When he came out, my son was smiling. This was a first. My son is looking forward to his next appointment! I am so grateful for Dr. Shukla, taking care and doing such fine work.
A Google User

I was always scared going to Dentist. First time I visited Dr. Shukla I felt so relaxed amd calm, my fear has just gone. State of the art dental facility with great dentistry.
A Google User

I found this dentist on a google search, I was in sever pain and also had a phobia of dentists and needles.... My experience was a terrific one. Had a wisdom tooth removed, the needle he used was painless and when the freezing came out, I was in no pain what so ever... this is now my dentist and I highly recommend anyone to use him..
A Google User