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Drs. Sherin and Vipul Shukla, husband and wife team of modern dentistry in Mississauga.


Dr. Sherin Shukla Mississauga Dentist
Dr. Sherin Shukla
Dr. Vipul Shukla Mississauga Dentist
Dr. Vipul Shukla


Applewood Village Dentistry was designed and constructed by Sherin and Vipul Shukla, both licensed and practicing dentists in Mississauga, Ontario and owners of the practice. Both have DDS/DMD degrees from the opposite coasts of Canada. Whereas, Dr. Vipul Shukla prides himself on his east coast Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia education and attention to detail, his wife, Dr. Sherin Shukla boasts of a similarly strong training from the prestigious University of British Columbia in Vancouver on the west coast.

Both are aware that they have slightly differing lines of thought and approaches to doing dentistry, however the end result is always beautiful and precise dentistry in a relaxed setting. One thing that both agree upon is that modern and precise dentistry cannot be possible without the use of cutting-edge technology and rigorous training to use it on a daily basis. The entire office was designed and constructed from scratch to bring this vision to life.

Between the two of them, they have more than 28 years of experience practicing modern dentistry, and they always strive to remain on the forefront of their chosen profession by regularly updating their knowledge at different courses and seminars.

They live in Mississauga with their two children, son aged 19 years and daughter 9 years! Besides the busy practice and raising their young family, they also devote time every month in charity work at local centers in and around Mississauga and support local causes.

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