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We do the entire range of general dentistry, except Orthodontics and sedation dentistry. We also do dental implants in-office from planning, placement surgery, abutments and final prosthesis, be it a single crown or a bridge or overdentures. Our fees are very competitive and we have convenient payment plans, via www.dentalcard.ca.

We are a mercury-free dental practice. We do not place any silver amalgam fillings, but are trained to remove and replace these fillings from teeth with more biocompatible materials.

Our office is conveniently located in the open Applewood Village Plaza in south Mississauga. Parking is free and without restrictions.

We are wheelchair accessible, including an accessible bathroom.

Restorative-White cosmetic fillings

We routinely place beautiful tooth-colored bonded composite fillings to restore decay or fractured teeth. We do not perform silver/mercury fillings at our practice. Although the staple of dental restorations for more than a hundred years, most modern dentists agree that there is no need to continue using mercury fillings in the mouth anymore. Today’s direct white fillings that harden in the mouth using a special blue-intensity curing light (Composite fillings) are just as hard, and more durable than the mercury fillings of yesterday.

Old broken front tooth with old metal post restored with cosmetic filling and new fibre-glass post-strong and durable, provides years of service.

Root Canal Treatment

Decay, when neglected for long, will eventually find its way to the dental pulp, the ‘nerve’ inside the tooth. Its a very painful condition, often bringing tears to the eyes of grown men. However, you need not suffer long. Contrary to popular belief and urban legend, these teeth can be saved by a simple procedure, called an RCT, where the infected pulp is removed, cleaned and replaced by an inert filling material, after which the tooth can be retained in the mouth for years, and serves normally in form and function. We do all root canals on site, using modern rotary techniques and materials, and yes, it’s virtually painless! Click here for more details.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Have a chipped tooth? A dark stain or crack visible when you smile? Old crowns that don’t match adjacent teeth? Teeth too yellow or uneven? Smoking stains? Broken or failing silver-mercury fillings? Cosmetic dentistry can solve these problems using proven, reliable methods and materials. You can talk and smile with confidence, knowing that people see a beautiful smile when you speak!

Regular Hygiene Appointments [Recare appointments]:

Most patients that have natural teeth will need routine maintenance and care. Despite your best home care efforts, you cannot prevent the regular build up of tartar and stains and plaque on the surface of your teeth and exposed roots. This must be periodically removed to maintain your chewing apparatus in smooth function, and prevent teeth from weakening. We use ultrasonic and manual scalers to provide you with a completely clean mouth. Our ultrasonic scaling equipment is of the low-vibration piezotronic variety that causes no discomfort or sensitivity. At the end of a cleaning appointment, the dentist gives you a quick but thorough exam to check for cavities, gum problems, jaw joint issues, cracked teeth, etc. A pleasant-tasting fluoride application is also made at this time to make your teeth stronger and more resistant to decay.

Crowns, bridges and implants

Often, a heavily-filled tooth or after an RCT, a tooth may require a crown to support it in function. We can fabricate all kinds of crowns, including the traditional all-gold, the porcelain fused to gold or metal-free CAD/CAM generated hard ceramic ones. We are supported by RDT Dental Lab in Toronto, Accu-Plus Dental Lab in Mississauga, AORTA Specialty Lab in Mississauga, CEREC milling centre in Michigan and Texas, among other specialty digital services and are proud of our teamwork. 

A fixed bridge is needed when a tooth is missing and needs to be replaced. A tooth on either side is crowned and a dummy crown attached to it to replace the lost tooth. This brings back the form, function and appearance from the lost tooth. Often, an implant may be a better choice to replace a missing/lost tooth, usually if the adjacent teeth are virgin teeth, with no fillings or crowns on them. A special titanium screw is surgically placed in the bone and a few weeks later, a crown fitted on the top part of the screw that juts above the gumline. An implant-supported crown can be a very solid investment in regaining lost form or function. However, some dental insurance plans may not cover this treatment under the benefits. Our receptionist can check your dental benefits online to find out the details of your coverage.

Dentistry for seniors

As people age, their dental needs differ from younger people. Seniors may have gum issues, exposed roots, missing teeth, old failing mercury fillings, or simply need dentures, full or partial. Both the dentists at our practice understand the need for continuing dental care in the golden years. We are trained to understand, diagnose and treat all the problems that are seen in an aging mouth. And yes, we make all kinds of dentures, including the newer “cosmetic” dentures, and flexible partial dentures. However, surprisingly, we find that more and more seniors are enjoying natural teeth well into their late 80s and beyond. Regular dental care can virtually ensure that your natural teeth last as long as you do!

Seniors’ discount may be available for low-income seniors. Call for details.

We love kids!

We believe that the foundation for life long oral health is laid during childhood and a child not afraid of dental offices grows up to be proactive in his/her dental care as an adult. Hence, we welcome children as patients and also welcome children to accompany their parents for routine cleanings. We offer cleanings and soft paste polishing for children, and fluoride and cavity-preventing sealant applications. We also do the full-range of restorations for children that require them.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you wish your smile was better? Hate old dark silver-mercury fillings? Yellow or chipped front teeth? From teenagers in high school to seniors enjoying leisure travel, everyone is concerned with how their smile is seen by others, besides the fact that everyone wants to eat hard and cold foods without a problem. Cosmetic Dentistry is that branch of dentistry that deals with the appearance of teeth and their health and function in an individual. We do only tooth-shaded permanent fillings, called composites. Metal-free porcelain crowns can be made to enhance function and your smile radiant. Safe yet effective tooth-whitening, Cosmetic Porcelain Veneers to complete dentures to dental implants. We even do complete smile makeovers. Whatever it takes to make your smile beautiful again! Click here to see more.

Mercury-free practice

We believe that the traditional silver-mercury fillings have served their purpose over time, and that the composites and ceramics that have replaced them have come a long way in the last 3 decades. We do not offer any silver-mercury fillings in this practice, but are equipped to remove and replace such fillings with newer materials. We place the durable and aesthetic composite fillings and crowns exclusively. Moreover, our concealed drainage and suction lines are fitted with special mercury and heavy metal separators that will trap such debris before entering the drainage and prevent it from polluting our lakes!

Sports guards

Did you know hockey mouthguards are different from kickboxing ones? We make customized sports guards for hockey, soccer, karate, kickboxing or any other contact sport. All guards are made to fit the mouth perfectly and comfortably, and come with a convenient compact carrying case. Transparent or colored. Your team’s colors may be available. Call to find out.

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