Meet The Team



Linda Salerno-Kelly


Main Dental Hygienist, Linda Salerno-Kelly, RDH, been with the practice since 2009. Linda is calm, meticulous and gentle in her approach, whether children or adults. Linda is self-initiated certified dental hygienist, which means she can perform a lot of duties without continuous supervision from the dentists. Linda's gentle manner has earned her many accolades from patients, parents and her colleagues at Applewood Village Dentistry.
Linda is specially trained in advanced teeth and gum cleaning techniques including the magnetostrictive and the piezotronic systems, and also in chemical and laser treatment of diseased gums. She keeps her training current and is constantly updating her skills as new techniques and materials become available.
Her gentle technique and always smiling face bring peace and calm to anyone in her care.

Tamara Baran


Tamara Baran, CDA is the longest serving employee at Applewood Village Dentistry. She joined at inception in 2008, and has been an invaluable assistant since then. Tamara is a certified and licensed dental assistant and assists both dentists in virtually all procedures from children's fillings to complex dental implant surgeries. Tamara is a conscientious and hard worker and has an eye for detail. In 2010, Tamara was made in charge of this clinic's complex sterilization monitoring system.
Rest assured, any procedure goes easy when Tamara is assisting.

Barbara Koza


Barbara Koza, BSc. is our receptionist cum administrative in charge. Barbara is the person in charge of insurance billings and collecting payments and co-ordinating with the myriad insurance demands that keep changing everyday. Barbara joined us in early 2013 and has over 12 years experience as a dental office receptionist. Barbara has a sharp eye for detail and a pleasant laughing demeanor, yet hides a super efficient and detail-oriented person inside.
You will like be greeted by Barbara on the phone when you call the office. We are pleased to have her on board!

Eliza Gashi


Eliza Gashi, CDA II is the newest member to join us in 2013 after completing her gruelling Dental Assisting Level 2 Diploma. Eliza is a multi-tasker and learning fast! Eliza is either assisting Dr. Sherin in dental procedures or manning the reception desk on busy days. The youngest and most promising member of our team is also the tallest, rising a clear head above everyone else! We are all amazed at Eliza's kind manner and her 'Can Do' attitude to perform any given task. Go girl!